This work has been funded by Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Luxembourg  as part of an Interdisciplinary Project called SolarZukunft: a collaboration between the Department of Geography and the Department of Physics and Material Sciences.

Prof. Philip Dale

Hello. My name is Phillip DALE and I am a Professor of Chemical Physics in the department of Physics and Materials Science. My interests include researching new forms of solar cells for powering the sustainable energy revolution, and educating the wider public about sustainability through the  Scienteens and e4l initiatives.

By collaborating with Prof Kate Jones, the Solar Zukunft project will enable colour solar cell makers like ourselves to understand our societies needs for coloured, patterned photovoltaic modules.

Prof. Catherine Jones

Hi. My name is Kate Jones. I am an Assistant Professor In Digital Geography in the department of Geography and Spatial Planning.  I am also the Director of Studies for the Master  in Geography and Spatial Planning.

The Solar Zukunft project is the brainchild of myself and Prof Phillip Dale. It stems from my growing interest in the energy transition and its impact on society.

Alexander Skinner

Hello, my name is Alex Skinner. I’m a Doctoral Researcher in the Geography Department in charge of 3D Modelling and GIS. I am currently working on creating a solar PV database for the whole of the Greater Region and growth of residential PV over different timescales.

I am designing the 3D streetviews and AR views that will illustrate Clara’s future coloured PV designs.

Clara Schreck 

I am a Doctoral Researcher in the Physics Department and currently under the supervision of Prof. Philip Dale. This cross-disciplinary research project is a great opportunity for my interest in renewable energies.  

I am developing the method to color the solar cells with a minimum of efficiency loss, and generating data for the AR views that Alex will design. 

Tom Becker

Hi. My name is Tom Becker and I am a Research & Development Specialist in the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning. My research interests focus on urban and energy planning both in Luxembourg and in Europe, urban governance, cross-border spatial planning and science-policy interfaces.

The SolarZukunft project allows me to gain a deeper understanding into shifting energy and spatial planning politics as well as the changing roles of and power constellations between key stakeholders in the energy transition in Luxembourg.

Dr. Malte Helfer

Hello, my name is Malte Helfer. I’m a Researcher at the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Luxembourg and specialized in GIS, energy geography (solar, wind, coal) and industrial heritage.

I am particularly interested in the interaction between web GIS and CMS, my spatial focus is on the Greater Region, and I manage the GR-Atlas (Atlas of the Greater Region).

Mariam Tarhini

Hi! My name is Mariam! I am an Urban Planning undergraduate from Cardiff University working at the University of Luxembourg as an intern for a year. I have been working on the surveys and workshops that I hope you will participate in! My interests concern urban design and making cityscapes more sustainable through renewable energy innovation and architectural design.